The William & Eleanor Cave Award

William & Eleanor Cave were devoted officers of The American Anti-Vivisection Society (AAVS) for decades. They recognized the opportunities in developing new technologies and alternative methods to address the problems of animal experimentation. They dedicated resources to fund research, eventually resulting in the establishment of the ARDF.

The William & Eleanor Cave Award is presented to honor achievements in advancing alternatives to the traditional use of animals in testing, research, or education. The award, presented biennially, is accompanied by an honorarium of $10,000.

Daniel M. Bagley presented CAVE Award by Sue Leary

ARDF Pres. Sue Leary (l.) and Daniel Bagley (r.)

Dr. Daniel Bagley Receives 2022 Cave Award

ARDF is excited to announce Daniel Bagley, PhD, DABT as the recipient of the 2022 William and Eleanor Cave Award in honor of his decades of contributions to the field of alternatives to animal testing. Dr. Bagley is well known in the toxicology and testing community, and served most recently as Vice President for Global Product Safety at Colgate-Palmolive Company during his 37-year career in corporate toxicology and R&D. Throughout his career, Dr. Bagley has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to advancing non-animal testing methods and supporting the next generation of researchers in this area.

His leadership contributed to the development and validation of alternative test models for eye and skin irritation, which are now widely accepted. In partnership with the Society of Toxicology, he managed several grant and training programs sponsored by Colgate to train students and support early career researchers. He also played a key role in the inception and ongoing success of the Institute for In Vitro Sciences (IIVS), a non-profit research laboratory dedicated to advancing in vitro methods. He has served as a member of several international industry coalitions, using his participation to advocate for the promotion of non-animal testing methods. Currently, he serves as the President of Vista Toxicology, a consulting company that provides guidance on consumer products safety.

ARDF thanks Dr. Bagley for his decades of service and the tremendous influence he has had by encouraging the use of alternative methods across the consumer products industry. He has requested that ARDF donate the $10,000 honorarium accompanying the award to the Institute for In Vitro Sciences, Gaithersburg, Maryland.

Past Recipients

2020   Suzanne Fitzpatrick  |  US Food and Drug Administration  |  Silver Spring, MD
2018   Robert Kavlock  |  Kavlock Consulting  |  Washington, DC
2016   Raymond Tice  |  RTice Consulting  |  Hillsborough, NC
2014   Frank Gerberick  |  Procter & Gamble Company  |  Cincinnati, OH
2012   Mel Andersen  |  Hamner Institute for Health Sciences  |  Research Triangle Park, NC
2010   Alternatives to Laboratory Animals (Michael Balls, Editor)  |  FRAME  |  Nottingham, England
2008   Rodger Curren  |  Institute for In Vitro Sciences  |  Gaithersburg, MD
2006  Daniel Smeak  |  Ohio State University  |  Columbus, OH
2002  Leon Bruner  |  Gillette Company  |  Needham, MA
2000  John Sheasgreen  |  MatTek Corporation  |  Ashland, MA
1998  George Russell  |  Adelphi University  |  Garden City, NY
1996  Ruy Tchao  |  Philadelphia College of Pharmacy & Science  |  Philadelphia, PA

Affiliations and cities listed were at the time of the award.