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The American Society for Cellular and Computational Toxicology (ASCCT) is a scientific society dedicated to the promotion of toxicology testing and research that reduces and replaces the use of animals.

Toxicology testing is currently undergoing a paradigm shift from a primarily observational, whole animal-based science to a predictive, mode of action-focused discipline.

The Society aims to provide an organized forum for discussion of cellular (in vitro) and computational toxicology approaches especially as replacements for animal-based toxicology methods. Through its meetings and activities, the Society will facilitate the development, acceptance, and routine use of cellular and computational methods through open dialog between industry, academic, advocacy, and regulatory scientists. The Society strives to include the participation of young scientists to promote their contributions to the field.

FCS-free Database

This website provides an overview of Fetal Calf Serum (FCS) and serum-free media for cell culture, and includes a function that allows researchers to find alternatives and discuss the applicability of each product. The FCS-free Database was developed to address moral and scientific concerns associated with serum media, particularly FCS, which is collected from the hearts of fetuses obtained from pregnant cows during slaughter. The Database is offered by the 3Rs-Centre Utrecht Life Sciences in collaboration with Animal Free Research UK.

The Science Bank

The Science Bank, operated by Animalearn, is home to over 650 high-quality, animal-friendly humane science education products. The Science Bank loan program has served thousands of people for over two decades, and has grown to be the largest free loan program of humane science education alternatives in the United States.